“Education is the means to activate the mind of the learners, widen their horizons, fire their intellect and curiosity”

If a child cannot learn in the way we teach, we must teach in a way the child can learn. Our teaching pedagogy focuses on “personality over percentage”

We believe every child is a natural artist and a moral philosopher. Ask any child a question and a majority of times he throws up unexpected answers because his mind knows no barriers. At winsome, we encourage their creativity and inquisitiveness. We believe that children learn best through their own experiences. No knowledge of the world appears to be own until they internalize it and re-express it in their own way. A teacher’s role is simply to boost a child’s inborn desire to learn and help child undergo as many experiences as possible.

But as you would have known by now, it takes a great deal of patience while being with student. For satisfying progress of your child, it is imperative that teachers and parents are kept informed and involved at all levels so that the student excels in all areas of learning and development. As a parent, it is important that your child thrives in warm, safe and learning environment – and it is this peace of mind you would always be assured of when you bid good-bye to your kid.

Today’s learner enters a work of demand and competition. It is our sole focus to empower the child and work on development of positive attitudes and healthy habits. Students are also introduced to social etiquettes to develop strong moral and ethical values that will make them reliable and responsible citizens with the tempering of value education.

We assure a wonderful journey for your child. With all my love and blessings to the lovely students.