Primary – Primary Years (Class I to Class V)                                                                                    Age 6 to 12 years

The primary years have an immense influence on a child’s future, since they form the foundation for how a person approaches learning for the rest of their life. Learners are encouraged to communicate by sharing and developing ideas and knowledge. Classroom tasks are purposeful and designed carefully to develop the language and study skills required.

As part of our commitment to a high quality international education, we offer small class sizes (not exceeding 18 students). Our teachers recognize the importance of individual attention and project based study.

We intend to offer a fertile combination of activities to our learners. We wish to enable them to be equally capable of exploring their strength. All programs are designed to help them activate their minds and widen their horizons.

Academic learning is must as well as moral values, spoken, General knowledge, sports and computer is also essential for these classes and we take care of all the above.