Owls are the symbol of wisdom and knowledge. Every classroom at Winsome is based upon owl theme. Children find it fascinating to have an owl (cartoon) engraved in the classroom. Owl theme helps students in being creative and fosters out of the box thinking. Owl theme makes the learning atmosphere easy and keeps the kids enthusiastic for learning. We maintain a requisite teacher student ratio of 10:1. Teachers are highly dedicated and use innovative methods to teach so as to extract the untapped potential within a child.

Highly Qualified Staff

Winsome takes great pride in its experienced, sensitive staff members. Our teachers take tailored approach to meet each student’s needs and attention level. To further ensure this, Winsome maintains a high student-teacher ratio of 1:10.

Due care is taken to keep our teaching staff updated with the best practices across the world. Staff meetings are held once in week to reflect upon our pedagogical approach and to discuss additional staff training. Parents are encouraged to meet the teachers on regular basis for their child’s progress. With our highly qualified, trained staff, parents could feel assured that their kids are in safe and caring hands.